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Fishing Rods


There are hundreds of uses for SuperClean and one easy cleaning technique. Please refer to packaging for safety tips and usage recommendations before cleaning.
1. A 1-part SuperClean to 8-parts water dilution is appropriate for most items. If item is especially fragile, use a 1-part SuperClean to 16-parts water dilution.
2. Wait 1 minute
3. If necessary, loosen especially grimy areas with a brush or sponge
4. If that dilution or soaking time did not achieve the desired results, repeat the steps, slowly increasing the SuperClean-to-water ratio and increasing the soaking time
5. Immediately rinse with water
6. Wipe dry


Other than engines, home appliances, tools and garage floors, Super Clean also works wonders on other items, such as fishing rods and reels!

Fishing Rods

Fish are slimy. And over time, so are your fishing rods and equipment. To bring your favorite fishing rod back to its original beauty, do a regular cleaning at least once a year. A good cleaning will keep equipment functioning well — ensuring you get the most out of fishing trips.

Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser won’t damage the plastic parts, but it’s strong enough to bring that cork handle back to looking like new.


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Dilution Chart


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