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Super Clean Tackles A Cleaning Bay!

Every Super Clean user has a favorite story about a stain, mess, or problem that Super Clean solved for them, but few can compare to the sheer magnitude of the difference that it made on this commercial vehicle cleaning bay. To say this bay was dirty is an...

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On the Job Safety!

Workplace safety is important. Mechanics, in particular, face a number of safety hazards due to the heavy equipment and chemicals they use on a daily basis. One of the most dangerous places in a mechanic shop is the floor. Changing oil, transmission fluid, and many...

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Keep Up With Automotive Detailing

Detailing your vehicle’s engine is an important part of car care. Maintaining a clean engine bay makes it easier to spot leaks or deteriorating parts so you can fix or replace them before they become bigger problems. This helps to extend the life of your engine by...

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Tackling Your Lawnmower

It's the middle of the mowing season which means that by now your lawn mower has formed a nice crusty, green layer of grease, dust, dirt, and dried grasses along the sides and under the body. This may seem like a minor detail but over time this buildup can influence...

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Celebrating Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! We wish everyone a safe, meaningful, and relaxing holiday. Please take a moment to remember and be grateful for the fact that, as Americans, we are privileged to be endowed by our creator with “...certain unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty,...

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The Road Is Calling. Don’t Make It Wait.

Summer is in full swing and hitting the road is one of our favorite ways to enjoy it. If you’re lucky enough to own an RV, you know how filthy it gets, inside and out, from baked-on grease in the kitchen, to engine grime under the hood, to tree sap on the roof, to...

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Meat Smoker Cleanup

There are many fantastic ways to enjoy grilling and BBQ-ing this summer, but don’t forget about that meat smoker sitting in your garage, just waiting to be used! One of our SuperFans uses his meat smoker multiple times each summer. And while the results taste amazing...

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Poolside Cleaning

It’s finally summer, which means your days will be filled with swimming, poolside parties and soaking up some vitamin D. All winter, pools are a catch-all for rotting leaves, twigs, clumps of dirt, insects, pollen and algae. Spring clean-up can take your entire...

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Tips for Cleaning Your Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters is a chore that nobody enjoys. That’s why it’s called a chore! It’s something homeowners should do twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. But all too often this task is swept aside in favor of garden and lawn prep in the...

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Memorial Day – Grilling!

Memorial Day is fast approaching and while it’s one of the biggest grilling days of the year, don’t forget to take the time to attend a local memorial event to remember the men and women who have died defending our freedom. Later on, here are some tips to make your...

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Zac Taylor Scores His First Win of 2017

Team SuperClean member, Zac Taylor, celebrated his first win of 2017 last Saturday as he drove his 305ci winged sprint car to glory at the El Paso County Raceway. "Usually when I drive the spring and then the next week get in the midget, it takes me a while to...

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SuperClean Celebrates 9 Years with Team Lucas

SuperClean, one of the nation's dominant degreaser and multi-purpose cleaners, has teamed with Team Lucas for the ninth year in a row to keep pits, tools and engines dirt-free in some of the most rugged racing series on the planet, including Lucas Oil's Off Road...

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