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Dilution Chart Chart

Super Clean Dilution Chart

Dilution Chart
Ratio Full Strength 3 parts water to 1 part super clean 8 parts water to 1 part super clean 16 parts water to 1 part super clean
Automotive auto parts, engines, tires, underbodies,shop equipment carpets, floor mats vinyl seats and dashboards, upholstery, car covers, truck bed liners chrome, stainless steel
Indoor drain opener, floor wax remover, garbage disposals, ovens, scuff marks, shop floors fireplaces, shop equipment, stove hoods and exhaust fans, workbenches appliances, plastic blinds, pots and pans pre-soak, tubs and showers, vinyl wallpaper laundry pre-soak, microwave ovens, stove tops, porcelain, sinks and counters, synthetic carpet, stainless steel, vinyl and tile floors, walls and woodwork, plastics, fiberglass
Outdoor barbeque grills, concrete, lawnmowers, tractors, chainsaws, farm equipment plastic furniture, pool areas, tools, driveways, asphalt garbage containers, patio umbrellas, canvas awnings, decks, vinyl siding and gutters chrome, stainless steel
Recreation inboard and outboard engines, waterline stains, rv black streaks, marine bilges, diesel and exhaust stains algae stains, fiberglass decks and hulls, plastic accessories, trailers canvas boat covers, vinyl seats and tops chrome, stainless steel, tackle boxes, coolers
chart with details of different dilutions and their various usages.

Dilution Chart


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