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Welcome to the Professionals page where you can learn powerful methods of using and selling Super Clean. We’ll be posting a library of interesting webinars for all professionals, and alert you to upcoming webinars specific to your place of work via email. A pass-protected code will accompany every webinar announcement. Downloadable sales promotion materials and usages white papers will be available soon.

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Super Clean Has Your One-Two Punch for Spill Clean-Up!

The recent release of Super Clean’s new Floor Absorbent combined with our Original Cleaner-Degreaser makes the perfect pair for all your spill clean-up needs. When spills happen, cleaning them up can sometimes make a bigger mess in the process. But Super Clean’s new...

Super Clean Announces New Floor Absorbent!

March 1, 2020 (Eagan, MN) SuperClean Brands, LLC, is pleased to announce the addition of Super Clean Floor Absorbent to their product line. This new Floor Absorbent is now available at AutoZone stores throughout the country. Super Clean Floor Absorbent is made of a...

Super Clean Fan Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Super Clean Fans! We are definitely feeling the love this year with all sorts of fans from across the nation sharing their Super Clean Success Stories and how much they LOVE our Super Clean products! We’ve put together a short video compilation...

Super Clean Is A Must-Have For Automotive

Super Clean Tough-Task Cleaner Degreaser has deep roots in the automotive industry. Professionals and weekend warriors alike have come to rely on Super Clean as a staple in their cleaning arsenal. It's used for everything in and around the shop - whether for general...

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